A not so normal guy !!!

hemant agarwal

Aliases : The Phoenix, The Anagram Law :

profession : A farzi engineer

Loves quizzing ...

Writes some poems once a while....

Is a fan of the superb tool called Photoshop

ME & SAGE ???

Am not so frequent blogger still I love reading the thoughts of other people and sometimes share mine ... Well the truth behind my  writing poems is not my creative outburst but a sense to express those feelings which I am unable to do otherwise.

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From The Diary


In my heart the story begins
A song of glory it sings
A living epitome of the truth
A plain depiction of joyful youth

He flew with the flash of light
The glorious white knight
He spanned the world with his wings
Brought fear to the mightiest kings

Out of blue came a blow
Shattered all his life's flow
The evil of darkness spun a mystic web
Caused the joy of life to ebb

Evil stabbed him with a knife
Dark Flames suffocated him out of life
Pain filled all over the sky
Calmness shattered by the cry

Evil rejoiced as he was gone
But he turned out to be quite wrong
The ring of fire has started to roll
Out of the ashes arises the newborn soul

The flames have reignited his spirit
Courage now fills his every bit
He is coming back to avenge his death
Will snatch the evil's breath

As long in the world the evil sticks
There will be the rise of the Phoenix.

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