anshul sharma

alias : the evil genius
profession : student (engineering)

traditional (graphite) artist, illustrator, digital artist, amateur film-maker et cetera et cetera...
Some I say I’m smart 
Even if I lie 
Some say I’m dumb enough
To make anyone cry 

Some say I’m cute 
But not really their type 
Go ahead,then,tell me 
What is it that I 
Try to portray 
When I’m in front of you 
Still can’t explain 
What I really do? 
What is it that makes 
Me look the same 
Is it my personality? 
Is it my common name? 

I know you, 
You know me not. 
U guessed it wrong 
I’m freaking hot. 
I know my rhymes 
And i know me schemes 
And my works show 
All your life’s scenes. 

I’m your best friend 
Or your worst nightmare 
I showcase my dreams 
As if a public affair. 
I’m not afraid to lie 
I’m not afraid to try 
But if you challenge me to it 
I’ll surely make you cry. 

Like I said before 
I can be you mate 
Tell me all your secrets 
Name the ones you hate 
And I’ll make you an art 
That no one will ever know 
Who’s life it portrays 
And who’s secrets it shows. 

This is the evil genius 
Saying I’m your man 
Fight it if you want 
Hide if you want 
But you’ll still be my fan…

 - A poem by Roma Dash